Book Circle: Seeing Ourselves through Technology (Week 3 Tuesday)

I was fascinated by the comparisons described in the text between people’s current obsession with selfies and historical methods used to represent ourselves. It seems like people never changed and the advancement of technology has just given us a new platform to express ourselves. Written, visual, and quantitative self-representation methods have existed forever which include diaries, self-portraits, tracking habits through graphs and lists. They have just been replaced over time with status updates, selfies, and tracking apps and wearables. Another interesting point I noticed in the reading is how we use social media to reflect upon ourselves not just to represent ourselves to others. This is so true where we go back and look through our photos and moments to reflect on our past.

Technological and cultural filters we use for our digital image is something that I didn’t even realize. It happens so naturally to me where I omit certain photographs without even thinking about them because of my culture. I am trained in my mind to maintain a digital image that is acceptable to my culture. We overly rely on Photoshop to create an acceptable image of our selves. There are number of articles (Photoshop Problems) that addressed the problems with Photoshop creating unrealistic expectations to people. They struggle to come to grips with reality when filters are used excessively for online self-representation.


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  1. Lina says:

    I liked where you mentioned “how we use social media to reflect upon ourselves not just to represent ourselves to others.” This is so true of me. As someone who tends to stay away from posting anything personal online, your statement resonates with me as I find myself posting/sharing more for my own benefits “wanting to reminisce” on the past. Great insight and reflection on this and on the technological and cultural filters. I also appreciated the “Photoshop Problems” and found that interesting and helpful as well.


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