Week 3 Readings (Thursday)


I wanted to talk about the importance of infrastructure which is mentioned under section 5 of the NETP. I think it is very important that all students have equal access to technology if it’s going to be commonly used in classroom teaching. The infrastructure needs to be built in and out of school so that digital divide between students will not exist. Technology shouldn’t be an additional barrier that creates more trouble for kids in low income families. This is why I think every house should have free WiFi in US but that is just my personal opinion that most monopoly cable companies would shrug off.

Another important point made in the reading was how technology should be designed around the curriculum and not the other way around. Kids should have fun but they should have fun while learning. A bad example of how not to force technology into classrooms is where one of the schools I went to forced their teachers to use technology by buying expensive iPads for all the students without really consulting the teachers. It was mainly because the administration wanted to spend money to show progress but most teachers didn’t change their curriculum to integrate the technology. Needless of say it was disaster and had to abandon the iPads after one quarter. Technology is a good tool if correctly integrated.


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  1. stayceefonts says:

    I like your “bring wifi to the people” ideology! I also agree that technology shouldn’t be an additional barrier to learning in or out of the classroom. Do you think the teachers from your example would have been more receptive to technology if they had access to high quality professional development? Or I it just that the iPad as a digi tool didn’t meet the needs or offer additional learning opportunities?


    1. Anton says:

      It was more to do with not having the training or professional development opportunities to effectively use technology. Also not enough time was provided to help instructors incorporate technology into their curriculum.


  2. kikadams says:

    I agree that infrastructure is a key necessity in supporting tech integration. Access to Wifi reminds me of what we read last week about companies offering “free internet” or cheeper cable options but they still didn’t provide equitable access, I think without changing how these companies view their role in creating equal opportunities we can’t get far in closing the gaps existing. Personally I’ve experienced this as I live in a more rural area of town, I have limited access to internet and have had to be very strategic about how I work on assignments for this class. I can’t do all of my readings, blogs and responses at home because I would run out of GBs within a day or to. I’ve had to learn strategies and use my time well to avoid these issues. Just as your experience shows that you need extra forethought to incorporate technology effectively, these kinds of strategies and needs should be part of our thinking in preparation for incorporating more tech.

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