Book Circle: #Selfie566 (Week 4 Tuesday)


It is incredible to learn about how people use time lapsed selfie videos to keep track of their lives moving through the years. We also use them to express and track their emotions over time. “Part of the fascination of watching time lapse selfies is watching how the subject changes and eventually ages” (p.38). I have done it too through photos and creating time lapsed videos on Facebook but never thought deeply about how we rely on technology to track our lives’ progress. I also thought this trend of time lapsed videos was started very recently but the book talks about how artists like Antin & Hsieh has done time lapses decades ago. Even though we think of a selfie as a captured individual moment, in the end, it becomes a part of a series. A series that becomes the electronic diary of our lives. This diary consist not only of our photos but moments, places, feelings, and our statuses as we update all of these in our social networks. The big difference being that traditional diaries are kept private but our digital diaries are shared with our friends and family. Because of this, our pictures and posts are filtered to satisfy cultural and societal expectations. Also, now with all the apps and tracking devices, our diaries writes themselves automatically as we go on with our digital lives. The thing that came to my mind while reading this part of the book was the problem with exposing our personal diaries out in the open. As long as we pick and choose wisely what we put out there, I think we can have control of our digital lives. It is always a risk with technology where wrong people could always access the information so it would be wise to proceed with caution.


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  1. vronvz says:

    I also was fascinated by the history of time-lapse photography and video. It has gotten to the point that time-lapse videos are becoming cliche in our society as so many people have jumped on this bandwagon. However, documenting our lives and analyzing patterns is human nature. Technology has provided us with a way to do so seamlessly and to analyze ourselves. We now have easy access to cameras that allow us to track ourselves daily. I like that Rettberg pointed out how many people have extended this concept to include pregnancies or children. We are at a point in technology that we can condense an entire child’s life into a five minute video. It’s an incredible idea to think that we can witness firsthand the growth and progress of individuals because of the technology that is available to us.


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