Book Circle Presentation and Final thoughts: #Selfie566 (Week 6 Thursday)


In Chapter 2 of the “Teaching in the Connected Classroom” book, it discusses peer supported learning and how it can be used with technology in education. Perfect example of this is our book circle project. It forced us to develop equity by sharing the workload, social connections by effectively communicating with our peers and participation by interacting and contributing to the product. These are the three main principles that can be developed through peer directed learning as mentioned in the book (p.23). To produce a good product, our collaboration was needed and we all were very involved in the process. Technology gives us a way to connect with others any time through messaging and shared documents. I think the most important part was that we learned from each other during the project. Each one of us brought our own knowledge and collectively we were able to solve many problems we ran into. This is where peer supported learning can excel where students help each other in ways that one teacher cannot do in a class full of students.

The book we read for our book circle “Seeing Ourselves through Technology” helped me look at digital self-representation in a whole new way. All technology has done instead changing our habits is help us be more efficient at keeping up with our same old habits. Self-imagery, diaries, and quantitative self-representation has been around for centuries and technology has upgraded our level of usage of these items. Our presentation sums up the whole book by Rettberg comparing history to current habits and pointing out social stigmas that exist as well as the risks involved with digital self-representation. Unfortunately, the Prezi file couldn’t be embedded into WordPress but here is a link to our awesome video and a screenshot.

#Selfie566 Group Presentation

Prezi Presentation.png


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  1. vronvz says:

    I like how you said that we haven’t really changed our habits due to technology. I think that many people assume that technology is taking over our lives and we are changing ourselves due to our addictions. However, you make an excellent point! This book did such a great job of outlining the historical context behind selfies, data tracking, and blogging. These are things that humans have always done and that many of us even feel compelled to do. Digital technology has just allowed us to be more efficient and public about how we conduct these activities and habits.


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