Inquiry Group Readings: #diydifferentiation (Week 8 Tuesday)


The other app I was exploring was Thinglink for our differentiated instruction tools. It is a great user friendly app that enables students and teacher to make interactive images and posters. Even though it is advertised as free, the free version provides very limited access (just a warning). But the tool itself seemed to be really nice. It’s available on multiple platforms and can embed huge variety of links to images.  I found this really informative blog about using Thinglink: 5+ Ways to Use ThingLink for Teaching and Learning by Susam Oxnevad. It describes the app perfectly as “can create multiple “hot spots” on specific parts of an image and turn that image into a multimedia launcher.  Include video, record audio or provide a link to any website with the click of a button”. It also discusses 5 ways that we can effectively use Thinglink to enhance our teaching so check it out.

Thinglink website also introduces a very cool feature of virtual reality as the next step for making interactive images. That would be a really cool feature where it will draw students into exploring their own curations. Here is a link for that explanation: Thinglink launches VS lessons app for education. All and all it’s a very cool app to captivate our students to encourage student directed learning. I especially like it because the students could use it to write creative reports.


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