Inquiry Group: #diydifferentiation (Week 8 Tuesday)

I totally fell in love with Zaption as a DI tool. I love videos because it compliments my lectures very well. However most videos could get boring because of the lack of interaction. Students can become disinterested very quickly and tune out or fall asleep during a video. Zaption allows teachers to build interactive videos where students can to interactively participate while watching the video. This is a great tool for inline classes as well where it will make the students watch the video and participate rather than playing the video on the background and skip watching it. The great thing about Zaption is the ease of use and most of the work could be done with the free version.


We can add multiple choice questions, short answer questions, check boxes, drawn responses in the middle of the video where the students will have to respond while watching it. The really nice thing about this is that we can make them think critically about concepts we cover in class while watching the video by asking probing questions. Here is a screenshot of all the options we can add to the videos.


The other cool thing about it is the discussion feature where a discussion can be started about the video while watching to make students share their ideas about the video. This is a perfect upgrade to just watching boring videos in class. We can also make students make their own videos and edit them using Zaption. Looking forward to using this in my classes.


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